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Is your ultimate guide for a remarkable live-aboard experience in the Maldives. Comprehensive details and rates of all listed safari boats coupled with our recommendations will make it easier for you to choose a vessel that suits you well. Be it a diving, surfing, fishing or an cruising trip, you can find it all here.

The best dive sites in the Maldives 1,190 Islands   "the sunny side of life".

There are easy dive spots to learn diving as well as adventurous locations for the advanced and experienced divers  From shallow coral gardens to steep walls, rapid drift dives in channels and some atoll wrecks - everything is offered. The best sites are usually in the atoll channels - small reefs with overhangs and caves, which do not reach the water surface.

On the diving safari boat , divers enjoy an unforgettable and wonderful diving trip in the Maldives. Make a diving holiday in paradise.

Our experience of more than 10 years in all Atolls and any season will ensure you to have a pleasant vacation.


On all diving safaris, we have a divemaster or instructor onboard and even beginners are very welcome. Upon request, we provide dive courses on all levels for you.


Surfing in the Maldives - one of the leading top spots in the world

Are you looking for a cool place to spend your holiday without missing the best waves while being ashore - be at the right moment at the right place for the perfect wave and join one of our surf safaris to ride the amazing waves




















Fish where the fish is!

Enjoy a fishing safari on one of our boats and do the catch of your life. We offer tailormade safaris for any size of groups and our experienced Maldivian captain knows where the big ones are hiding.





















Set your course for the nautical on Cruising Safari and discover the Maldives, one of Nature's last untouched treasures.

Cruising holiday is the best way to see most of the Maldives in a relatively short period of time. You have a choice of different boats and your itinerary can be personalized to include all your favorite resorts and “Robinson Crusoe’ deserted Islands. Visit fishing villages discover their simple lifestyle. Cruising Safaris are rarely affected by the weather and can be enjoyed throughout the year. As always, you will enjoy the company of our experienced crew and the delightful meals served on board. If you’d like to dive on your Cruising Safari, please pre-book this option with your reservation



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